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Since 1989, 011 Communications and it's affiliates have provided telecommunications services to over 1.2 million businesses and consumers worldwide.

011 Communications and its affiliates have been providing telecom services to over 1.2 million business and consumers worldwide. We are the company to choose for one-stop-shopping telecom services. Today, we’re one of the most trusted telecom service companies out there and our affiliated companies enjoy an international customer base throughout the world. Providing one-stop-shopping to our clients for all telecom services is our goal.

We can cater one-stop-shopping to all of our telecom customers by providing six endorsed services, including Direct Dial long Distance Calling for home or business, Premium Prepaid Calling Service from any cell phone, Skip Roaming Best International Calling App, MyTime Wireless, or IPTV service and Unlimited Calling from your home phone around the globe.

We encourage you to pick and choose which telecom services would suit your needs best. No matter if you need just one, or all six, we know that our services are exactly what you need for work and play. Plus, there are many great advantages to enrolling in telecommunications like ours.

Your team or family will be able to experience improved communication, enhanced team collaboration, increased flexibility and premier customer service. If you would like to learn how our telecom services can benefit you, we’re here to help! Feel free to check out our services below, or give us a call to learn more. We’re here anytime you need us!

Below are the services we provide:

Direct Dial Long Distance
Home or Business Phone
Premium Prepaid
Calling Service
From Any Cell Phone
Unlimited Calling
Around the World
Home Phone
Skip Roaming Best International Calling App
MyTime Wireless

Benefits of our Telecom Services

Improved Communication

Whether you're enrolling in our Direct Dial Phone Service for your Home or Business you can purchase our Pinless, internet and Smartphone free Prepaid calling service that can be used from any mobile phone in US or Canada; or download a free app from any Smartphone and start making free International calls or conference calls. You can utilize many of our telecom services to connect with people around the world who have Smartphones and those who don't have a Smartphone.

For example, with some apps, you cannot make free international calls to residential or business landlines or someone without a Smartphone. With 011, you will have many international calling capabilities that you may not have had before.

Enhanced Team Collaboration

Are you a company that has cross-functional teams who work on new products, corporate initiatives, programs, marketing campaigns, etc.? If so, enjoy enhanced team collaboration with our telecom services. Your team will be able to collaborate on a regular basis to share ideas and discuss progress on projects, campaigns and more. It's important to understand that these services can bring teams with distance between them together on the web, phone, or email by staying connected.

Increased Flexibility

Research completed by Global Workplace Analytics stated that 3.3 million people work for an organization from home, and this number has grown drastically in the last 10 years. So, if you have employees who work remotely, are out of the office at client meetings, or travel frequently, our telecom services can help you and them to stay connected.

Premier Customer Service

Providing superior customer service to those you're serving is one of your top priorities, just like it's one of ours. Sufficient telecom services will allow your employees to rely on methods of communication to customers and vice versa. Anytime a customer needs your help, you will be there by giving them the instant gratification they want. Being able to connect to people 24/7 is essential, and it should be part of your ability to service customers.

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